News; JON OLIVA'S PAIN - begin mixing of new album "Festival"

Mixing of the new JOP CD "Festival" has commenced!

We are beginning with the bonus tracks and the
ballad today and from there we will set up the
mix-template for the meat of the album.

This is just a basic working template for the drums, bass
and guitars. It's help us to speed up the time needed
to put all the remaining instruments, vocals, tricks, trinkets
and what-nots in their proper place. Needless to say that
with more than 100 tracks on many songs...the process
is still quite exhausting.

We will have mixes of 3 songs to digest this weekend. In the
end, we will take a final "review" day to fine-tweak all the
songs in preperation for mastering. We will deliver the CD
to AFM the first week of December...barring any crazy act
of God that may get in our way.

We have focused on every conceivable detail possible while
insuring that the mix is raw, alive and full of emotion. We stumbled
upon so many great idea's during the last 2 months and most
of these songs have taken on a shape that we had not previously
imagined....that is simply the magic of having the time and also the
support from our record label, AFM. Delivering anything but 110%
would be insulting both to ourselves and of course you...our
most supportive and enthusiastic fans!

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