New Album: SOILWORK - The Panic Broadcast


New Album: VANDEN PLAS - The Seraphic Clockwork

Frontiers Records to release Germany’s Prog Metal finest VANDEN PLAS highly anticipated new concept album

“The Seraphic Clockwork” in the shops on
June 4th in Europe and June 22nd in the U.S.A.

Napoli, April, 2010 – A good four years after Vanden Plas last critically acclaimed studio recording, “Christ O” hit the charts, Germany’s finest Prog Metal act is set to release its brand new album: “The Seraphic Clockwork”, on June 4th, in Europe and June 22nd in the USA.

Highly anticipated by fans and critics alike, “The Seraphic Clockwork” is a fascinating concept album, which not only shows the quintet’s exceptional technical skills, but also highlights their impressive development as songwriters. The new album sounds more multi-layered, progressive and metal-oriented than any previous Vanden Plas release. “I think that my penchant for music of the tougher persuasion shines through more than ever before on this album,” comments guitarist Stephan Lill, who – together with keyboardist Günter Werno and vocalist Andy Kuntz – make up the group’s creative triumvirate. He adds: “Hard riffs, elaborate keyboard and orchestral arrangements plus catchy hooklines come together in a perfect symbiosis which marks Vanden Plas’ own style. I feel that we were much more adventurous on with The Seraphic Clockwork than ever before.”

A perfect example which substantiates this statement, is the 13-minute track ‘On My Way To Jerusalem’, a little masterpiece within a homogeneous, self-contained album. The song takes the listener on a haunting, adventurous journey which comes full circle musically towards its end. From soaring piano sounds through hard riffs and versatile arrangements to atmospheric parts, the whole range of expressive forms which the Progressive Metal genre has to offer are present. On the other hand, ‘Heal The World’ with its melodic intro, subsequent heavy riff and catchy chorus, reveals the band’s affinity to theatre music and all its complexity, and is classic Vanden Plas.

The band's fascination with classical history has left its mark on “The Seraphic Clockwork” particularly in terms of lyrics: the dramatic science fiction story of the concept album was penned by vocalist Andy Kuntz and chronicles a journey in place and time from 16th century Rome to Jerusalem in the year 33 A.D. The protagonist, after an apocalyptic vision, has come under the spell of an Old Testament prophecy and must travel back through the centuries to face his God-given destiny. “It’s about being unable to escape fate”, explains Kuntz, a master at making complex subject matter both fascinating and accessible to contemporary audiences. “Working for the theatre has definitely influenced the story’s depth. When you realize or reproduce your own projects on a stage, you learn a lot about dramaturgy.”

“The Seraphic Clockwork” was exclusively presented to the journalists in a press showcase held in Koln, Germany on April 9th. Some of the reactions to the preview include:

“Great comeback of Germany’s leading Prog Metal band!”
Mike Borrink - Rock Hard Germany

“Those who have been concerned that Vanden Plas might have lost their riff power over the last few years don't have to worry anymore: their new album „The Seraphic Clockwork“ is a perfect example for a well-balanced mixture of intelligent prog tunes, heavy riffing and the uncompromising love for hard music.”
Thorsten Zahn - Classic Rock Mag Germany

“They've made us wait but one of the best and most respected Progressive Metal bands are back with the heaviest, most epic and diverse album of their career to date. Awesome stuff.”
Matthew Adrian Spall - Powerplay , UK

“The Seraphic Clockwork" is unbelievable, fantastic, great music with a great story. Vanden Plas are the Prog Metal kings.”
Marco Magin – Breakout, Germany

"Intense, melodic and challenging at the same time, this new offering by Vanden Plas has what it takes to please the most demanding Progressive Metal fans."
Morgan Rivalin - Rock Hard France

The musical and lyrical complexity of “The Seraphic Clockwork” is certainly inspiring. Vanden Plas have proved again that they are the most imaginative and diverse of German Prog Metal bands and justly enjoy the highest international acclaim. It can only be a matter of time before this concept album also makes it onto the stage.

“The Seraphic Clockwork” includes the following tracks:
Frequency; Holes In The Sky; Scar of an Angel; Sound of Blood; The Final Murder; Quicksilver; Rush of Silence; On My Way to Jerusalem.

Andy Kuntz (vocals), Stephan Lill (guitar), Günter Werno (keyboards), Torsten Reichert (bass), Andreas Lill (drums)

ACCULT (1996)
CHRIST O (2006)

Weblinks: www.vandenplas.de / www.myspace.com/vplas www.frontiers.it / www.myspace.com/frontiersrecords

For Frontiers Records:

Contact Europe: Contact USA:
Mario de Riso – mario@frontiers.it Dustin Hardman - dustinhardman@earthlink.net

Gallows End Sets Release Date For Debut Album "Nemesis Divine" !

The Swedish Heavy Metal band GALLOWS END has set the worldwide release date for their upcoming debut album "Nemesis Divine" at June 25, 2010. The album will be released through Farvahar Records and distributed worldwide by Nightmare Records. The CD has been recorded, mixed and mastered at the 7th Gate Studios by Thord Klarström. All artwork is from the hand of J.P. Fournier (– also, Edguy, Avantasia, Immortal, Dragonforce, Powerquest, Steel Attack, Stormlord, among others).

Originally conceived as a one-man project of multi-talented frontman Thord Klarström, GALLOWS END has grown to a full four-piece lineup. After releasing a 3-song demo in 2007 that garnered critical and fan praise, work began on a full-length CD. The promise hinted at in the demo recordings comes to fruition on NEMESIS DIVINE – guitar-centered and laden with catchy riffs and melodies, the lyrics run from the haunting title track to the rousing “Not Your Own” to the infectious “Soul Collector.”

With clean, but gritty and powerful vocals, well-placed harmonies, talented instrumentation and songwriting, and strong production values, NEMESIS DIVINE is what a metal album should be – 59 minutes of bone-crushing, head-banging, neck-snapping, face-melting metal fun.

Track listing "Nemesis Divine" :
Nemesis Divine (Trial of the Gods)
Soul Collector
Kingdom of the Damned
No Return
The Curse
Set the World in Flames
Not Your Own
Different Eyes
The End
The Unborn Flag
Storm of Fate
Riders of the North

For all info, a full new song and samples, please visit : www.myspace.com/gallowsend and www.gallowsend.com



Brandnew Interview with Steve Handel (vocalist/guitars) of SEVENTH CALLING.



PICTURE Parts Ways With Guitarist - Replacement Announced !

Today, the legendary Dutch Heavy Metal band PICTURE has released the following statement :

" Today, we announce, that PICTURE and Rob van Enkhuizen have jointly decided to go their seperate ways. This decision has been made on friendly terms and because of the long history that Rob has with Picture, we will play one more gig with Rob in our line-up at June 5th in Winkel (NL). On that day, we will say goodbye than to Rob officially, but for now we also want to wish him already all the very best for everything he will do in the future.

PICTURE is very proud that we can already announce our new guitar-player : GERT NIJBOER, known from band's like Highway Chile and Heads Down. In the short period we are working together, Gert has showed a tremendous dedication, next to amazing guitar-skills. We are happy that all went so smooth and you can all see Gert already this weekend live for the first time with PICTURE in Lübeck and Kerkrade ! "

Upcoming PICTURE live-shows :

May 14, 2010 - Treibsand (w/ Jaquar and Methusalem) - Lübeck (GER)
May 15, 2010 - The Rock Temple ( w/ Jaquar and Methusalem ) - Kerkrade (NL)
June 05, 2010 - Cafe Beentjes - Winkel (NL)
June 12, 2010 - Dokk'em Open Air - Raard (NL)
Oct 03, 2010 - Mario's Metal meeting 4 @ 013 - Tilburg (NL)

More shows to be announced soon !

In addition, PICTURE will perform a couple of acoustic songs live in the radio-studio of Baarn FM on Tuesday, May 18. This can be followed live at http://go.to/rocktheblock.nl ! Tune in from 22.00 till 24.00 CET !

After the successful release of the latest album " Old Dogs New Tricks", PICTURE launched a new video-clip in April. This can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw4QCge8OV0


New Album: SABATON - Coat of Arms

Out on May 21st 2010.

The Early Years – Before the War

Sabaton was formed back in 1999 in Falun, Sweden when the members of a band called “Aeon” reformed and rearmed for the upcoming first recording in Moon Music Studio.
The founding members of Aeon: Rikard, Pär and Daniel Mullback had joined forces with Oskar and Joakim earlier during the year which had seen a few line-up changes and the guys decided on a fresh start and changed the name of the band to Sabaton.
These are the same guys you see on stage today.

In January 2008 the band returned to Abyss studios, once again working with Tommy Tägtgren for the recording sessions but involved his brother Peter for the mixing process.

In early February 2010 Fredrik Nordström, assisted by Andrew Hayball mixed the album together with Sabaton in Boomtown studios, and when the mastering at Masters of Audio was complete, the final master of “Coat of Arms” was sent to Nuclear Blast.

At this moment, with most of the major European festivals booked, a huge tour announced, and a new label, Sabaton stand ready to once again storm into the fire.

Back to the front!


1. Coat Of Arms
2. Midway
3. Uprising
4. Screaming Eagles
5. The Final Solution
6. Aces In Exile
7. Saboteurs
8. Wehrmacht
9. The White Death
10. Metal Ripper