Veteran Hard Rockers King Kobra are back with a venomous new album

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of the Self-Titled come back album from KING KOBRA on April 15th in Europe and May 5th in North America.

Formed in 1984 by legendary drummer Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne), Los Angeles heavy metal outfit King Kobra recorded two critically acclaimed albums for Capitol Records – the 1985 release 'Ready to Strike' and 1986's 'Thrill of a Lifetime'.

Along with Carmine, the band featured four relatively unknown musicians at the time – David Michael-Philips and Mick Sweda on guitar, Johnny Rod on bass and Mark Free on lead vocals. King Kobra toured the U.S., Canada, Europe and Mexico playing shows with Kiss, Iron Maiden, Quiet Riot, Ted Nugent, Queensryche and Autograph.

The band was featured regularly on MTV and performed the theme song for the #1 1986 motion picture "Iron Eagle". After disbanding in 1988, each member continued his career in other successful major-label groups - Carmine to Blue Murder (Geffen), Mark Free to Unruly Child (Interscope), Mick Sweda to the BulletBoys (Warner Bros.), Johnny Rod to W.A.S.P. (Capitol/EMI) and David Michael-Philips to Lizzy Borden (Metal Blade).

The year 2010 saw the band reunite the original classic '85 lineup, replacing original singer Mark Free (now Marcie Free) with veteran lead vocalist Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot). “This album captures all the great points we had in the 80's, but better” says Carmine AppiceThe music is more traditional King Kobra music. Great lyrics, kick ass songs with cool hooks and really good playing. A really great hard rock/metal record with lots of energy”. David Michael-Phillips adds “It truly is an all-star album. Paul Shortino is amazing! I can honestly say he is one of the best vocalists in the business along with being one of the nicest and most generous people I have ever met”.

The band is planning to get on some targeted American and European summer festivals this year. Watch out: King Kobra is smokin' hot, back stronger than ever and "Ready to Strike" once again!

The new album “King Kobra” will include the following tracks: Rock This House, Turn Up The Good (Times), Live Forever, Tear Down The Walls, This Is How We Roll, Midnight Woman, We Got A Fever, Tope Of The World, You Make It Easy, Cryin' Turns To Rain, Screamin' For More, Fade Away.


The Norwegian Groove Metal band ZEROZONIC has just set the release date for their album "God Damn, Better, Best" at March 11, 2011.
The band will release their album through MAYHEM MUSIC - the record label from Audun Grønnestad ( known from Imperia a.o. ) - who have set a worldwide distribution deal with Indie Distribution.
Known from more extreme bands like Satyricon as their live guitarist between 1996 – 1999 and still in the Norwegian Death Metal band, BloodRedThrone, Daniel "Peisy" Olaisen finally wanted to perform his long time passion for groove metal and formed ZEROZONIC in 2004. Singer, Leo Morachiolli (Lowdown) joined forces early on and still remains in the band. Both bass player and drummer from Tristania and Green Carnation was a part of Zerozonic and recorded the two first albums before leaving the band. Today, Jon Eirik "Elt" Bokn from the great Thrash metal band, Dead Trooper, handles the drums and Martin Berger pumps the bass guitar!
The music is as groovy as it gets and bands like Pantera, Chimaira and Metallica has been inspirators. What makes Zerozonic different is definitely the singer. He brings the most crazy sounds and creativity to the songs!
In December 2010, their second CD, God Damn, Better, Best was released through Ozo Records, and the album has now been picked up for international distribution through MayhemMusic and Indie Distribution.


MYSTIC PROPHECY hits the studio again

Greek/German heavy metallers MYSTIC PROPHECY (www.myspace.com/mysticprophecy) are entering the studio once more. For the coming months MYSTIC PROPHECY will be recording their 7th studio album entitled Raven Lord. This is going to be their first release with their new drummer Claudio Sisto who joined MYSTIC PROPHECY last June. Raven Lord will be released on October 28th 2011 through Massacre Records. During the same period the band is planning on touring and hitting most festival stages around Europe.

Recordings will take place in Prophecy Music Factory studios (www.myspace.com/musicfactory_prophecy) and production duties will be handled by R.D. Liapakis (MYSTIC PROPHECY, SUICIDAL ANGELS, VALLEY´S EVE, INSIDEAD and more ) with the rest of the band. There will be 11 songs on the new album. Artwork will be delivered by Jonas Kawalek who has worked again with the band in the past for their 5th album Satanic Curses.

Commenting on the creative process of the new album the band mainman R.D. Liapakis stated: “Mystic Prophecy is now more than ever in a turning point in their history. Fireangel overcame our expectations and our fans have shown us their support in the best possible way. The tour we did with STRATOVARIOUS gave the band the chance to get a very good sense of unity and groove which is generated by every member contributing to whole which finally is presented to the fans. This is what will make a difference in our upcoming album. The feeling of unity, amongst us, enhances the effect we bring out. More power, more feeling, more combined ideas, more diversity, but all in the thread that goes through it all which is MYSTIC PROPHECY. Two minds work better than one, so imagine all five of us contributing equally to the final result. I am confident that we’ll do our best to express what’s in our souls and hope the fans like it. Up till now we seem to have a common ground so this album will only enforce this bond with our fans and help us create new ones.




NIGHTWISH Reveals Concept For Next Album

NIGHTWISH entered the studio in October 2010 to begin recording its new CD for a late 2011 release.

Regarding the musical direction of the forthcoming album, NIGHTWISH singer Anette Olzon recently wrote on her official blog, "I think it's a great and varied CD. The feelings in it are great and there are a lot of elements in it, so I am sure it will have many different favorite songs for the listeners since the songs are so different in styles and sound. 'Dark Passion Play' is a great album and this one, too, so I don't know yet which one I like more, but, of course, for me personally, this one feels better to do since the songs are more adjusted to my voice and my style."

The pre-production sessions for the new NIGHTWISH CD took place in "the deepest countryside of Finland," where most of the band spent several weeks finalizing the song arrangements and recording their instrumental parts.

NIGHTWISH played a special homecoming show in September 2009 at the sold-out, 11,000-capacity Hartwall Arena in Helsinki to mark the end of the band's colossal "Dark Passion Play" two-year world tour.

NIGHTWISH is not expected to play any more concerts until the release of the band's next studio album.


Gary Moore Passes Away

Earlier today, Irish blues and rock guitarist and vocalist Gary Moore was found dead in his hotel room in Spain. His inspiring, emotional playing style made him into one of rock's guitar gods and his influence can be heard in all kinds of blues, rock and metal music. He was known for participating in several projects and bands such as Skid Row (the Irish band in the 70s) and Thin Lizzy, as well as for his own, highly successful solo career. Thin Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell: "I still can't believe it, he was so robust, he wasn't a rock casualty, he was a healthy guy."

So far, no information about the actual reason for the death has been reported. We will keep you updated. In the meantime, here is Gary performing his biggest hit "Still Got The Blues":



It's been 9 years since the Australian Metallers of PEGAZUS have released their last studio album and although the band always stayed active, they are now back with a worldwide release !
PEGAZUS will release their brand new album "IN METAL WE TRUST" on April 15, 2011 through Black Leather Records. The distribution is in hands of the German company TWILIGHT VERTRIEB.
The album contains 11 brand new classic Heavy Metal songs with original singer Justin Fleming back on vocals ! As a tribute to the great guitarists of the 80's, Pegazus has invited Ross The Boss ( Founding member Manowar, Ross The Boss, The Dictators a.o. ), Jeff Watson ( ex-Night Ranger / Mothers Army ) and David Shankle ( formerly of Manowar, DSG ) to contribute a solo for the song "Old Skool Metal Dayz".

Gotthard - To Carry On With New Singer

After some deliberation, Swiss hard-rock veterans Gotthard have decided to continue their activities.

The band released the following collective statement: "After the tragic accident of our friend and singer Steve Lee, who died October the 5th 2010 in the USA, we withdrew ourselves until after the new year and took a break. Now we are back again with plans for the future and a difficult task to fulfil.

Guitarist Leo Leoni:"After the very emotional days after Steve´s death, it was important for us to first of all try and cope with the pain, give it a place to rest and find ourselves again. And so we sat down in the new year and tried to look at the new situation "soberly"... it was obvious to all of us very quickly that we had to go on - Gotthard is not a job for us - GOTTHARD IS OUR LIFE!!"

Drummer Hena Habegger: "Of course it can only go on if we are lucky to find the right guy. We're not only searching for a voice which can bring our songs alive again. We are looking much more for a singer who also humanly fits with us - with the Gotthard Family!"

Guitarist Freddy Scherer: "For all of us it's a big challenge and it will not be easy at all. But we have good faith and we do what we do best - make music!"

Bassist Marc Lynn: "A big thank you to all the fans. Your concern, cards, e-mails and entries in the guestbook have given us the supporting power to deal with what has happened better and to gather new courage for the future."

Fireforce - March on

Fireforce have released the cover artwork and track listing for their forthcoming album March On due out on 25th March in world via 7HARD.The artwork was designed by Eric Philippe, well known for his work with Rhapsody, Riot, Mob Rules, TNT and many others.

The track listing for March On:

1. Coastal Battery

2. The Only Way

3. Firestorm

4. Horus (Bringer Of Order)

5. 1302 - Battle For Freedom

6. Moonlight Lady

7. Annihilation

8. Fly Arrow Fly (Crécy 1346)

9. Mona Lisa

10.Hold Your Ground

11.Born To Play Metal

12.Metal Rages On

Be prepared for 12 tracks of true old school power metal with a monster wall of sound!

Watch out for big promotion in magazines like ROCK HARD, HEAVY, ROCK TRIBUNE, TERRORIZER, ROCK IT and more ...

Stay metal for more updates at:





Ronny Munroe (vox of Metal Church) working on new album

Ronny has been diligently working on his next CD and we expect to release it sometime in late spring / early summer. As of this time there is no official title, but we can tell you this will be his best metal release to date! You can also catch Ronny on some select New York dates February 24 - 27th for details and show locations visit www.ronnymunroe.com or www.ratpakrecords.com/events If you haven't yet, get your copy of Ronny Munroe “The Fire Within” available everywhere!


Tangent Plane” announce the release of the “Project Elimi” Album over 7HARD.

Progressive Power Metal band “Tangent Plane” announce the release of the “Project Elimi” Album over 7HARD.

The mix and mastering for the new TANGENT PLANE album “PROJECT ELIMI“, are already done at the Prophecy and Music Factory Studios Kempten/Germany under the supervision of R.D.LIAPAKIS and C. SCHMID (Mystic Prophecy, Suicidal Angels, Orden Ogan, Eldritch, etc.).

Artwork by Jonas Kawalek (Mystic Prophecy, Devils Train).

Release Date: 25th March 2011 over the 7HARD label.