Plector : Interview / Spirit of Metal Webzine (en)

Plector : Interview / Spirit of Metal Webzine (en)


Circle of Reason - New single

Cirlce of Reason’s new single ‘Chasing the Sun’ being released on 31st January, and is brand new material from the South West’s biggest Alternative Rock band promises to be their most talented release of date. Circle of Reason have a unique mixture of progressive guitar styles, carefully constructed percussive beats and beautifully layered vocal harmonies. ‘Chasing the Sun’ is a prime example of these guys talents and will in over any fan of guitar based music.

Drawing influences from a diverse range of peers such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Silverchair, QOTSA, The Deftones, Biffy Clyro, Gomez, Circle of Reason bring highly diverse styles together into one great mix of musical genres that gives the sense that there is something from this band to quench any musical appetite.

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THE MURDER OF MY SWEET - release new album

Capturing all the emotional force and fury of today’s rock scene. THE MURDER OF MY SWEET has arrived with a sound and statement that demands your attention. As band names go – perhaps there’s never been a more fitting, so apropos than THE MURDER OF MY SWEET – A name inspired by the 1944 movie “Murder, My Sweet. The path, beliefs and concept which the five members of the band share – the journey each of the members has endured finally led them to one another, building up to this point, to realizing common goals.

Formed by drummer, songwriter and producer Daniel Flores who after a few false starts of what was to become THE MURDER OF MY SWEET just by coincidence came across the magnificent singer Angelica Rylin – well endowed with the right look, voice and talents, being exactly what Daniel was searching for. The rest of THE MURDER OF MY SWEET’s line up was then rather easily recruited – guitarist Daniel Palmqvist, bass player Johan Niemann and keyboardist Andreas Lindahl all being mentally, creatively and spiritually the right combination to complete the perfect match.

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET is simple yet stirring musical statement that expands the boundaries of what great music is all about. THE MURDER OF MY SWEET’s sound is rich in influence and yet distinctly unique. The lush melodic cinematic landscapes reflect the diversity of the five members own musical experiences. From Angelica’s soaring vocal melodies and sweeping choruses to the explosive layers of guitars from Palmqvist and the thrilling orchestratic keyboard arrangements painted by Andreas Lindahl backed by the bombastic and dynamic rhythms of Niemann and Flores. The resulting collaborations are a work both haunting and uplifting – fuelled by the curiosity of seeing where their burning ambitions will take them.

The material is mainly written by the wonder team Daniel and Angelica – but not without the inspiration spark and input from the other three members – with songs based on personal experiences, movies and books. The collection of material which has been selected for the bands debut album “DIVANITY” include all from dark subject matters to pure fiction. “Kiss of Death” takes a glimpse into the state of love where you give up your self for the desire to have or to do something that you know you should avoid while “Bleed Me Dry” describes the feeling of being different and wanting to go your own way in life. ”Follow The Rain” is all about breaking a pattern from where you make the same mistakes over and over again into becoming a person with control of your life. The track “Storms Of The Sea” is a beautiful tale of a young woman on her quest around the world to seek her long lost lover and “No Evil” is the band’s encouragement to embrace the dark rather than being afraid of it.

The grand finale of the album is the larger than life and described by Rylin and Flores as THE MURDER OF MY SWEET’s own “Bohemian Rhapsody” – a track call “Death Of A Movie Star”. A massive piece of music which will showcase THE MURDER OF MY SWEET’s dynamics with a sense of playfulness by switching from soft, rippling sounds and beats to limitless rage with beautiful melodies. Magnificent layers of voices shake hands with immeasurable capacity of energy.

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET’s aim is to create a distorted film noir vibe and experience – put the wonder, sadness, humour and sheer zest of life into their music tour de force. Playing it to the point where their drama explode – as the music and the words becomes the utmost expression of direct and ecstatic joy of pure being. The name “DIVANITY” is the bands own expression of diva, divine and vanity - all of them being essential ingredients in their debut album.

Mixed/ produced by Flores and proudly mastered at CUTTING ROOM by Swedish phenomenal sound engineer MATS LINDFORS (Gorgoroth, Candlemass, Glenn Hughes, Talisman), “DIVANITY” will be released by FRONTIERS RECORDS in January 2010.

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET races ahead with an unforgettable thrill of your lifetime flavor – And whatever you do – don’t miss the show.


New Album: HEATHEN - The Evolution of Chaos

"The Evolution Of Chaos" was released in Japan on December 23, 2009 via King Records. The CD will be made available on January 25, 2010 in Europe and March 31, 2010 in the U.S. via Holland's Mascot Records.

The band's current lineup includes Lee Altus (guitar; EXODUS), Kragen Lum (guitar; PROTOTYPE), Dave White (vocals), Jon Torres (bass; ANGELWITCH) and returning drummer Darren Minter.

"The Evolution Of Chaos" track listing:

01. Dying Season
02. Control By Chaos
03. No Stone Unturned
04. Arrows Of Agony
05. Fade Away
06. A Heroe's Welcome
07. Undone
08. Bloodkult
09. Red Tears Of Disgrace
10. Silent Nothingness


PARADOX - parts way with guitarist and drummer

Dear Fans

we are sorry to inform you, that we had to split with Kai Pasemann (Guitar) and Roland Jahoda (Drums). We had no choice, because we found out we have a different view on how to reach our goals.

We thank Kai & Roland for the years they stayed with us and wish them all the best in their future!

Skilled Lead guitarists and drummers, who want to work with us professionally on a long term contact us at paradoxbangers@aol.com

In February 2011 we plan to release our new album for the 25th anniversary of the band.

Paradox is still alive!

Charly & Olly


KREATOR's 25th Anniversary, tour update, news from Mille!

First off: thanks to all of you for making 2009 one of the wildest and most successful years for Kreator! The "Hordes of Chaos" tour has taken us to many places we have never played at before and we were always surprised by the great response in Cities like Beijing, Krasnodar, San Salvador or Guatemala City. Metal rules the planet EVERYWHERE!

What's next for us? We're really looking forward to returning to North America in March and yes, even though I am the kind of guy that doesn't even celebrate his own birthday, Kreator turns 25 in 2010! We want to make this year a little special by playing a classic old-school set in 2010 with a couple of songs we haven't performed live in a while. For this we need your help! Check the forum for the vote of which songs we should put into the setlist. The ones that you pick will make it into the setlist. The vote only lasts to FEBRUARY 1st! So be quick!

Yes - the rumors are true! The ULTRA EDITION of Hordes of Chaos is coming! Check this page for more details very soon!

Essen is the European capitol of culture in 2010! This means, that some major media is getting interested in Kreator now..... We'll appear at ARD Morgenmagazin on the 8th of January between 6 and 9 am. In case, you have nothing to do and you're awake, check it out, we'll be performing two songs live from Zeche Zollverein on national television!

2009 is history! Let's make 2010 even more killer!!!!!

Mille Petrozza