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KROKUS promise:

«We Put A Spell On Our Fans»

Krokus in full bloom again: The long anticipated comeback masterpiece of our rock legends is called «Hoodoo»!

All good things take time and delicate “sound” flowers of the likes of Krokus need special care – especially when they are expected to climb the charts like an artillery of thundering tanks!

For two years Krokus worked diligently on their highly anticipated comeback album. For the first time, the Swiss rock royalty from Solothurn sheds some light regarding their forthcoming release!

«Hoodoo» is the name of the new album, with which Marc Storace, Chris von Rohr, Fernando von Arb, Mark Kohler und Freddy Steady put you under their spell and prove once again that they are indeed ageless. You will be spellbound on February 26th, 2010, when the new cd is released.

Swiss boulevard paper “Blick” asked original founder Chris Von Rohr the question that was on most people’s mind: why did the fans had to wait that long for this new release? «We are only together for about two years in the original line-up and a killer song – much less an entire album – cannot be written, recorded and produced over night. The material needs to evolve, mature like a fine wine and one needs to be critical with one self, set the standards high and allow only the best material to make it on the album. No fillers – no compromises».

When it’s all said and done, the masterpiece should sound like a mixture of yesterday and tomorrow. Adds Chris: «It was my responsibility as producer to bring out of each musician their individual strength and to continue sound wise where we left off with ‹Metal-Rendez-Vous› and ‹Headhunter›. Back to the roots – but with today’s power, unstoppable like a steamroller!»

It is no wonder that expectations are high. Next spring, when the Krokus namesake tough flower breaks through winter’s ice and starts blooming, Krokus fans will witness firsthand what «Hoodoo» is all about. Describes guitarist Fernando Von Arb: «It’s gonna be an avalanche like, uncompromising, straight forward rock. Fasten your seatbelts, enjoy the ride and rock on!». Adds vocalist Marc Storace: «Definitely a one of a kind original Krokus album that will please fans». Bassist and producer Chris Von Rohr sums it all up: «To keep the end result top quality, it was ok that during the process of writing songs and recording them occasionally tempers flared within the band. We are no lame pussycat rockers; instead we stay true to ourselves. All the blood, sweat and painstaking effort during this 2-year journey was worthwhile!»

Drummer Freddy Steady and guitarist Mark Kohler, along with Chris, Marc and Fernando promise: «2010 will be a Krokus-Year – we will put a spell on everyone. “Hoodoo” style, one at a time! »


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News: EDENBRIDGE - Album Recordings for "Solitaire" finished !

Edenbridge have finished the recordings for their 7th studio album, which will have the title "Solitaire". The release date will be in May 2010. Here´s the tracklist:

1. Entree Unique
2. Solitaire
3. Higher
4. Skyline´s End
5. Bon Voyage Vagabond
6. Come Undone
7. Out Of This World
8. Further Afield
9. A Virtual Dream ?
10.Brothers On Diamir
11.Exit Unique

The limited edition will have 2 additional songs: "Eternity" and "Inward Passage".

More news and infos regarding the new album will follow soon...



News: FREEDOM CALL - New album details

German metallers FREEDOM CALL, whose current lineup includes GAMMA RAY drummer Daniel Zimmermann, will release their new album, "Legend Of The Shadowking", in Europe on February 1, 2010 (except in Germany where it will arrive three days earlier) via SPV/Steamhammer Records.

According to a press release, "stylistically, 'Legend Of The Shadowking' is a successful liaison of the group's basic strengths and new, contemporary influences." Or, as Dan Zimmermann puts it, "Even if the two predecessors, 'The Circle Of Life' and 'Dimensions', took very different directions, both albums had a number of strong moments. 'Legend Of The Shadowking' combines the most successful elements from both albums. In other words, we included our penchant for fast and very melodic numbers from 'Dimensions' with the more contemporary, bombastic components of 'The Circle Of Life'."

The fourteen new numbers were recorded at the FC studios in Nuremberg, while the drum parts were cut at the Area 51 in Celle by Dan Zimmermann with the help of Tommy Newton (HELLOWEEN, UFO, VICTORY), who also mixed and mastered the effort. The cover artwork was designed by the young Bavarian artist Jens Reinhold.

"Legend Of The Shadowking" is said to be a concept album about Ludwig II, King of Bavaria. He had a close connection to the composer Richard Wagner.

FREEDOM CALL was moved and inspired by King Ludwig's extravagance and his passion for musical theatricality.

The band will embark on a European tour with GAMMA RAY around the album's release. Summer festival appearances and a headlining tour in the fall of 2010 will follow.



New Album: KEEL - Streets of Rock'n Roll

KEEL – the band that gave you “The Right To Rock” – will unleash their brand new album “Streets Of Rock & Roll” ” on January 29th 2010 in Europe and February 9th in the USA on Frontiers Records. The new recording contains twelve new rock anthems in the tradition of KEEL’s classic “The Final Frontier,” “KEEL,” and “Lay Down The Law” albums: commercial Hard Rock featuring the twin-guitar attack of Marc Ferrari and Bryan Jay, drummer Dwain Miller and bassist Geno Arce’s rock solid groove, Ron Keel’s powerful vocals, and a collection of songs which the band feels is their best ever.
“We are not re-inventing our style – “Streets Of Rock & Roll” is a perfect follow-up to our previous albums,” says Ron Keel presenting the new album. “The only real evolution is in the quality of the songwriting, musicianship, and production; the excitement and energy of the reunion really ignited our creativity and Marc, Bryan, and I were able to collaborate as a songwriting team like we’ve never done before. One characteristic this album shares with our classic releases is diversity – there are power anthems, relentless metal, and commercial hard rock. Some of the songs are designed to make you pump your fist and stomp your feet, some have lyrical content that is a little deeper and aims for the heart. There is a power ballad, “Does Anybody Believe” which I think is an instant classic and will be a very important song for us, one of those rare compositions that capture magic and translates it into words and music.”

KEEL first exploded onto the scene when “The Right To Rock,” their major label debut produced by Gene Simmons of KISS, became the fastest-selling debut album in A& M Records’ history. Frontiers Records will commemorate the 25th anniversary of this historic release with “The Right To Rock: 25th Anniversary Edition” simultaneously with “Streets Of Rock & Roll”. This newly remastered edition adds two bonus tracks: “Easier Said than Done (Remix)” and a newly recorded version of the immortal Metal anthem “The Right to Rock” (click on the title to hear a sample). For this recording, KEEL invited their fans to participate via the internet – KEELaholics could download a guide track, sing along with the chorus, and send in an MP3 to be blended with the all-star chorus of the song which also features Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot), Lez Warner (The Cult), Ron Mancuso (Beggars & Thieves) and other members of the Las Vegas rock scene (even Graham Russell from Air Supply joined in)!
KEEL has sold over 2 million albums, garnering a reputation as one of the genre’s most entertaining live acts by touring with/opening for Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, and many more. They were unanimously hailed as 1985’s “Best New Band” in publications such as Circus, Metal Edge, and Hit Parader , and released three charting albums which spawned radio & MTV hits such as “Because The Night,” “Tears Of Fire,” “Somebody’s Waiting” and of course “The Right To Rock.”

In 2009 KEEL returned stronger than ever with festival appearances across the U.S. at Rocklahoma, the M3 Festival, the South Texas Rock Festival, and the MidWest RockFest in addition to sold-out headline shows in Hollywood and Phoenix . The excitement and energy of these shows and the fans’ response fuelled the creative fires that spawned “Streets Of Rock & Roll” and led to the band’s union with Frontiers Records. “We’ re working on festival dates in the U.S. and Europe for 2010 and we’re ready to rock when opportunity knocks” explains Ron, adding “I can’t emphasize enough how much depends on sales – the more copies of “Streets Of Rock & Roll” and “The Right To Rock: 25th Anniversary Edition” we sell, the more attractive we are to concert promoters and venues who can help us get back on stage where we belong – so we’re hoping that fans of commercial hard rock will embrace these albums and add them to their collection.”

The new album was produced by Pat Regan (KISS, Deep Purple, Warrant, and many others) and features guest background vocals by Jaime St. James (Black N Blue, Warrant) and Paul Shortino , who produced and recorded Ron’s lead vocal tracks.

“The feeling in the band is triumphant,” concludes Ron Keel. ”We’ve been back together for over a year now, we’ve got some great shows under our belt, and the new album is finished and ready for release. We are thankful to all the fans for the incredible response to the reunion, and we’re very proud of our new music. We can move forward with the confidence that we’ve accomplished a lot of our goals and done it on our own terms.” KEEL is confident that Hard Rock fans everywhere are going to feel right at home on the “Streets Of Rock & Roll”, and plans are underway to promote this new release with shows around the world in the year to come.

“Streets Of Rock & Roll” tracklisting includes: Streets Of Rock & Roll; Hit The Ground Running; Come Hell Or High Water; Push & Pull; Does Anybody Believe; No More Lonely Nights; The Devil May Care (But I Don’t); Lookin’ For A Good Time; Gimme That; Hold Steady; Live; Brothers In Blood.