KREATOR's 25th Anniversary, tour update, news from Mille!

First off: thanks to all of you for making 2009 one of the wildest and most successful years for Kreator! The "Hordes of Chaos" tour has taken us to many places we have never played at before and we were always surprised by the great response in Cities like Beijing, Krasnodar, San Salvador or Guatemala City. Metal rules the planet EVERYWHERE!

What's next for us? We're really looking forward to returning to North America in March and yes, even though I am the kind of guy that doesn't even celebrate his own birthday, Kreator turns 25 in 2010! We want to make this year a little special by playing a classic old-school set in 2010 with a couple of songs we haven't performed live in a while. For this we need your help! Check the forum for the vote of which songs we should put into the setlist. The ones that you pick will make it into the setlist. The vote only lasts to FEBRUARY 1st! So be quick!

Yes - the rumors are true! The ULTRA EDITION of Hordes of Chaos is coming! Check this page for more details very soon!

Essen is the European capitol of culture in 2010! This means, that some major media is getting interested in Kreator now..... We'll appear at ARD Morgenmagazin on the 8th of January between 6 and 9 am. In case, you have nothing to do and you're awake, check it out, we'll be performing two songs live from Zeche Zollverein on national television!

2009 is history! Let's make 2010 even more killer!!!!!

Mille Petrozza

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