The Norwegian Groove Metal band ZEROZONIC has just set the release date for their album "God Damn, Better, Best" at March 11, 2011.
The band will release their album through MAYHEM MUSIC - the record label from Audun Grønnestad ( known from Imperia a.o. ) - who have set a worldwide distribution deal with Indie Distribution.
Known from more extreme bands like Satyricon as their live guitarist between 1996 – 1999 and still in the Norwegian Death Metal band, BloodRedThrone, Daniel "Peisy" Olaisen finally wanted to perform his long time passion for groove metal and formed ZEROZONIC in 2004. Singer, Leo Morachiolli (Lowdown) joined forces early on and still remains in the band. Both bass player and drummer from Tristania and Green Carnation was a part of Zerozonic and recorded the two first albums before leaving the band. Today, Jon Eirik "Elt" Bokn from the great Thrash metal band, Dead Trooper, handles the drums and Martin Berger pumps the bass guitar!
The music is as groovy as it gets and bands like Pantera, Chimaira and Metallica has been inspirators. What makes Zerozonic different is definitely the singer. He brings the most crazy sounds and creativity to the songs!
In December 2010, their second CD, God Damn, Better, Best was released through Ozo Records, and the album has now been picked up for international distribution through MayhemMusic and Indie Distribution.

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