New Album: SABATON - Coat of Arms

Out on May 21st 2010.

The Early Years – Before the War

Sabaton was formed back in 1999 in Falun, Sweden when the members of a band called “Aeon” reformed and rearmed for the upcoming first recording in Moon Music Studio.
The founding members of Aeon: Rikard, Pär and Daniel Mullback had joined forces with Oskar and Joakim earlier during the year which had seen a few line-up changes and the guys decided on a fresh start and changed the name of the band to Sabaton.
These are the same guys you see on stage today.

In January 2008 the band returned to Abyss studios, once again working with Tommy Tägtgren for the recording sessions but involved his brother Peter for the mixing process.

In early February 2010 Fredrik Nordström, assisted by Andrew Hayball mixed the album together with Sabaton in Boomtown studios, and when the mastering at Masters of Audio was complete, the final master of “Coat of Arms” was sent to Nuclear Blast.

At this moment, with most of the major European festivals booked, a huge tour announced, and a new label, Sabaton stand ready to once again storm into the fire.

Back to the front!


1. Coat Of Arms
2. Midway
3. Uprising
4. Screaming Eagles
5. The Final Solution
6. Aces In Exile
7. Saboteurs
8. Wehrmacht
9. The White Death
10. Metal Ripper

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