New: DEADSOUL TRIBE - Split up

„This is It“

Here is now the Announcement of the end from the Band
“Deadsoul tribe”
First we want to thank all of the loyal DST fans and friends who supported us over all those years. In the past 10 years of travelling and performing in several different Countries and Areas we met so many great and nice people we will never forget, well actually there will be much more we gonna miss,…great memories that is what we'll take with us !
Maybe some of you asking yourself what Happens, well we 4 are still friends, but with Deadsoul tribe we finally didn’t got to the point were we thought we would be at that time even if we had such a wonderful time. And as life and people are changing, also WE changed! And to start something else/new we thought the best and maybe last time for it would be right now, as we also won’t get younger, right *lol*.Another thing is that we made a live Dvd(some of u knew about) but there are no info whether or when we release that, but Adel is still taking care here and than on the Myspace site and if any news about the Dvd comming up you will find them there .Well let's see what the future brings, but for now we finally have to say “Good Bye” to all of you and THX so much 4 the wonderful Journey we had the last decade, best wishes much *LOVE* and take care,…Greetz from “The Tribe” - Devon, Adel, Roland, Rollz,…” A Lullaby for Deadsoul Tribe ”

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