News: TOKYO BLADE is back in original line up !

THE REAL TOKYO BLADE WILL BE TOURING NEXT YEAR 2010 the band will feature myself as well as Andy Wrighton and John Wiggins from the original line up.
Thanks to the many fans who have contacted me about the Tokyo Blade Tribute band recently on tour, yes guys it is weird to go on tour as a well known NWOBHM band when all the members are American and none of them has ever played on a Tokyo Blade album or written any of the songs?????????????????????????????
Anyway fuckem for their deceit and lies. True fans such as yourself will never be fooled by those idiots. Many thanks Andy The official news as of today October 14th 2009... Andy Boulton collapsed on Monday and was taken to the hospital as a result of an illness he has been suffering for sometime.
Due to this Andy will not be playing on any dates of the tour "see dates below" In a statement from his bed Andy said "I was determined to give this tour my best shot and having been ill for sometime I expected that at least one of the band might send me a get well soon email or at least a phone call.
It appears that they weren't the friends they claimed to be and didn't seem to concerned about my state of health. I have therefore decided that my initial decision to leave the band last year was the correct decision I will not be playing with the 4 American musicians calling themselves Tokyo Blade and as far as I'm concerned they are nothing to do with the NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL BAND know as Tokyo Blade in which I was the founder member".
"I am very happy to say that my management company are backing me all the way and have given me the go ahead to announce that Tokyo Blade will be touring and recording next year featuring myself and some other great surprises (stay tuned for news).
I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart my very good friends Stefan and Bart and all of my true loyal fans and to express how very sorry I am that I will not be seeing them this year.
On behalf of Andy I would like to say a very deep and heartfelt thanks to the many many many fans, friends and well wishers who have taken the time to write and wish Andy a speedy recovery. He has been deeply touched by having so many good friends and people who truly care about his well being and a very very big thank you from the both of us... Love Lozen and Andy Boulton xx

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