New Album: DesDemon - The Awakening (EP)

1. The Aquiescence of Illusion 05:52
2. Soul in Exile 06:44
3. Iago 08:22
4. Burning Martyr 04:41
5. In the Absence of Light 11:39

Band Bio

Hailing from the dormant NYC metal scene is the female fronted symphonic metal band, DesDemon. The group is based upon a dark and twisted tale of a woman’s fall from grace, and her evolution to a darker side of life. Musically these tales are expressed through a darkly splendid array of metal elements, incorporating many of metals most popular sub-genres. In listening to DesDemon, you’ll hear elements of Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal, Doom Metal, and Black Metal. The blend of these influences has created a beautifully devious sound that could be best described as Blackened Symphonic Metal.

Listening to their debut EP “The Awakening” one will discover five monolithic tracks. “These songs have a spiritual connection to each of us in the band” states Mistress Tina “It’s funny how these songs do go along in a storyline, however, whenever I’m going through rough times, I can still relate and draw strength from these songs. We can only hope our fans find the same affinity to them as we have.” Now DesDemon is currently booking globally, and preparing to record their first full length album.

DesDemon is a solid quintet comprised of Mistress Tina (vocals), Lord Metadox (Lead Guitars), Nicholas Gati (Keyboards), Ron “Pelagius” Porcelli (Bass), and Dan Rhodus (Drums). On their debut EP “The Awakening” DesDemon was joined by special guest keyboardist Nicholas Main Henriksen, from InsideOut Music’s newest act, Apsera. DesDemon’s members are all seasoned veteran’s having shared the stage in the past with acts such as: Nightwish, Epica, Kamelot, Dragonforce, Symphony X, Therion, and Halford to name a few. Most recently DesDemon has shared the worldstage with acts such as: Tyr, Korpiklaani, Rotting Christ, Epicurean, Mantic Ritual, Paul DiAnno, Icarus Witch, Virus IV, and Ceremony of Opposites.

On Halloween 2009, DesDemon embarked on their first European trip, performing at the Halloween Metal Meeting in Belgium . After being extremely well received, the band was approached by Holland ’s eXile Bookings Agency, and asked to join their roster. “The Halloween Metal Meeting validated our feelings about this band. We thought we were going in the right direction, and the screaming fans we had that night really solidified everything for us.” confesses Lord Metadox.

…” They are a female fronted act and deliver the kind of epic soaring that one regularly enjoys when either Epica or Nightwish takes the stage. The band is fronted by Mistress Tina who clearly has some pipes and the hulking guitar presence of Lord Metadox”… Ken Pierce - PiercingMetal.com (USA)

…”a well skilled band, female fronted and a sound ranging from Dark to Progressive metal with slices taken from the world of Power and even Black Metal”… Metal to Infinity (BE)

…”the centerpiece of this metallic feast, is the voice of singer Mistress Tina”… Metal Rocker (CZ)

...” "The Awakening" is a dark and powerful piece of music that not only draws you in within the first few seconds but captivates your mind and body.”… Lady Draconian - Chalice of Femme Metal Forum (chaliceoffemmemetal.forumotion.net)( UK )

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