ILLIDIANCE: the work on LP "Damage Theory" started

ILLIDIANCE, Cyber-Metal Maniacs from Russia, started the recording session
of a new album. Workname of album is "DAMAGE THEORY", this LP will consist of 11 catchy and powerful tracks, including
the re-recorded material from EP "Synthetic Breed".
At the moment band is recording the drum and guitar parts at PowerSound Studios. (same as where EP "Synthetic Breed" was recorded)
A.Karelin - one of the most famous soundproducers in CIS (worked with Korea,Amatory,Perimeter,Stigmata...) is engaged to make this
album sounds strong as "elephant tits" and catchy as hell.
At the same time some guest appearances are working on their parts for "DAMAGE THEORY", they're:
Tony JJ (ex-Mnemic / IconInMe),
Guitar virtuoso from UK- Mick Priestley (The Green River Project),
Adam Adsinner (HATE),
and one of world's leading Cyber-Punks Kendji Sirotori (Japan).

ILLIDIANCE intends to finish the tracking session to New Year party.
You could view the most actual news from the band by checking them on myspace:

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