News: MISERY SPEAKS - splits up !!

In the 10th year after founding the band, several line-up-changes and three albums we are very sorry to tell you that we finally decided to call it a day and close the chapter MISERY SPEAKS. Different personal reasons forced us to come to this decision which lies heavy on our hearts.

There is absolutely no reason for rumours since we are still good friends without any bad blood. We all still share the passion for music since everyone of us is involved in other bands or is working on other projects which we are looking forward to. Furthermore we share the opinion that „Disciples Of Doom“ is our most ambitious and honest album to date which prepared the way to all our future activities. Keep your eyes and ears open!
We want to use this opportunity to thank all of our supporters and fans. You are the ones who made all of our experiences possible. We had the fuckin´time of our lives and only want to miss a few of these moments. Thank you for that!

Beside that we will play some selected shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland until the end of the year and a short farewell tour in some of the bigger cities in Germany in early 2010.
Our final show will happen in our hometown Muenster around that time.

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