New Album: SUICIDAL ANGELS - Sanctitfy the darkness

SUICIDAL ANGELS' new album, "Sanctify The Darkness", will be released on November 20 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Bloodthirsty
02. The Pestilence Of Saints
03. Inquisition
04. Apokathilosis
05. … Lies
06. No More Than Illusion
07. Atheist
08. Beyond The Laws Of Church
09. Mourning Of The Cursed
10. Dark Abyss (Your Fate Is Colored Black)
11. Child Molester
+ enhanced part (2 video clips)

SUICIDAL ANGELS will support KATAKLYSM on a European tour in January 2010. Also appearing on the bill are BELPHEGOR, DARKEST HOUR and RESISTANCE.

SUICIDAL ANGELS was one of two bands who were awarded record deals with Boomer Entertainment and Nuclear Blast Records as part of a band contest launched by the Austrian management and booking company Rock The Nation.

This unique competition was presented and promoted by all leading European metal magazines, including the German, Italian, Spanish and Greek editions of Metal Hammer; Terrorizer (U.K.); Metallian (France); Scream (Norway); Rock Tribune (Belgium); Spark (Czech Republic); and the Dutch webzine LordsOfMetal.nl.

SUICIDAL ANGELS' debut album, "Eternal Domination", was released in July 2007 via OSM Records.

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