News: ASTRAL WINTER - Winter enthroned (full length album)

Winter Enthroned (Full Length Album)
Following the release of our EP/Demo we will soon start recording for our first full length album Winter Enthroned.
All the songs have been written, and only lyrics for some songs remain to be finished.
We're aiming for a release in the first quater of 2010 (if all goes to plan).

The album layout is as follows:

Illustrations Of Death
Through Timeless Aeons Of Frost
Dead Winter Nights
Defenders Of The Astral Kingdom
Longing For Winters End
At The Gates Of Eternal Prophecy
Beyond These Frozen Castle Walls
Past The Realms Of Eternal Ice
Winters Epilouge

The album will have an expected running time of 50 minutes +

Should hopefully have the new album artwork cover to show in a couple of weeks, with a new layout and logo aswell.

Be sure to check in for more updates that i'll post when thet become avaliable.


website: www.myspace.com/astralwinter0

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