Wanted: HYPERION searching for drummer

Due to scheduling conflicts and lack of communication, among other things, Deejay is no longer in HYPERION. We wish him well in his future endeavors.

Drummer tryouts shall resume. Anyone interested in the spot feel free to message us or email chuck@hyperionband.com with your background, equipment list, and anything else of importance and we'll set up a date.

With that said, we will no longer be playing the GOJIRA show set this Friday at Club Diesel. We have tried everything in our power to make this show, from grabbing session drummers and trying to finish the drum tracks for the album to play over those. We even were having original HYPERION drummer Will come back to play, but with the lack of appropriate time and this overall being a shitty week for everyone it's best if we canceled.

Either way, it will be great show make sure to go out and support our battle metal friends Dethlethem and of course GOJIRA! We also have some tickets left, so if you are in need of one feel free to contact us and we'll get them right out to you!

Album progress is coming along very well. We are now mixing and waiting for a few samples to hear. We can't wait to get the final product out! More information still to come, so keep posted!


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