Lucy Seven Rock Blog!

We are now LIVE on The Kerbinator Rock Blog!
That feels great!
I will try to keep you up to date with all the magnificient things that
happens in the world of Lucy Seven.

We can start with Swedens biggest radio contest Bandit Unsigned.
Now this Friday we will play region final up in Sundsvall and it will be a blast!
Our drummer Jonta went to Tunisia this tuesday so we have Peter Morén
(Inmoria & Tad Morose) to fill in for him.
On rehearsal today things started to fall into pieces and there is nothing to worry about.

The contest is a some kind of 2 side story.
One part is that the listeners (That means YOU! ) can cast a vote.
The other part is a jury on location.

You can increase our chances to play the final by givin us 5 "Horns up"
on our latest single ✩ LIBERATION
You can do that here:

Here is the brand new video for the single also!

Dont forget to add us as friends on:
There you can find all the other songs, videos etc.

We also have a Facebook page:

OK, i think this will get us started.
`til next time!!
Cheers from Sweden!!


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  1. All right, welcome guys. Lucy Seven is awesome.
    Hope to see lots of blogs from you in any categories.