News: POWER QUEST - Last show with current line up!

Following on from the departures of long standing members Steve Scott (bass) and Alessio Garavello (vocals) earlier in 2009, it is with great sadness that we bring you the news that Andrea Martongelli (guitars) and Francesco Tresca (drums) have also decided to call time on their tenure in Power Quest.

Andrea has recently taken on a lot more teaching work in Italy and has also got a lot of work to do with his band Arthemis and, as a result, felt he wouldn't be able to dedicate enough of his time to PQ as he would have liked and has done in the past. Francesco came to the conclusion that it would not make sense to have a drummer based in Italy when he realised that the new guys were more than likely going to be UK based. He is now teaching drums regularly in Italy as well as working with his band Hypnotheticall.

Founding member Steve Williams commented: “Well, it's certainly been an eventful year! That's probably the understatement of the year as well! It was a wrench to see Steve and Alessio leaving earlier in the year but to hear from "Doc" and "Checco" that they were stepping down as well, it felt like being hit by a sledgehammer! However, I must point out that after working with these guys for so many years now the split is perfectly amicable. Friendships have been formed that will last a lifetime and I wish the guys all the very best for the future and I look forward to hanging out with them again in Italy very soon!

As you can imagine, this left me behind the 8 ball somewhat. Should I carry on with PQ? Or should I lay it to rest now? Having thought the whole thing through and discussed it with friends, family, management and other business contacts I came to the conclusion that I have invested 10 years of my life into Power Quest and have been the driving force behind the band as well as the primary writer, why should I stop now?

At this point I made the decision to recruit a UK based line up for the next incarnation of Power Quest. Having had the additional costs of flying guys in from Europe for so many years, this seemed a logical move on a financial level. It also means that rehearsals will be a lot easier to arrange now and also it will be possible to play live a lot more than it has been in the past.

Unfortunately this has meant that I have had to part ways with bassist extraordinaire Oliver Holzwarth. In the short time we have been working together we have become great friends and I look forward to that continuing in the future. As Oliver is very busy with Blind Guardian and Tarja, amongst other things, there was no way that schedules would work for both parties particularly as now rehearsals are required more than ever. I look forward to meeting up with Oliver at the Tarja show in London on October 19th.”

Your very last chance to catch Power Quest with Alessio, Andrea and Francesco will be on Saturday, September 26th at Metalfest which is being held at JB's in Dudley.

And another chapter in the books of POWER QUEST will start soon, with the new line up being already completed. It will be revealed right after Metalfest on 28th September!

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