News: BATTLERAGE - Blood,Fire,Steel

We are happy to announce that the long awaited new studio album of BATTLERAGE "Blood, Fire, Steel" (originally recorded in 2006, but never released due to the problems with their former label, and re-recorded, mixed and mastered in 2008/2009) is finally out. The cover art was done once again by Chilean artist Gonzalo Ordóñez (genzoman.deviantart.com).

BATTLERAGE play true metal with guts and balls, adding an epic feel to their crushing songs. If you look for experiments, look elsewhere, but if you like memorable songs, solid riffing and drumming, topped with harsh vocals, check this slab of pure and uncompromising barbaric Heavy Metal! We've added 2 new songs to the player on our website (and, by the way, added new songs of
F.K.Ü. and MIDNIGHT IDÖLS to our MySpace player too), so you can see/hear for yourself.
"Blood, Fire, Steel" had its première at SWORDBROTHERS festival on September 12th and now it's available for ordering, so please visit our SHOP page and, if you still don't have the previous CD of BATTLERAGE, look for the special offer!

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